At Last, A Personal Finance App that Isn't Boring or Hard

Improve your financial perspective with Spent Better, the only app that instantly shows you the true value of your money, easily and accurately.

Spent Better is a new approach to financial calculators: instead of forcing you to chose from many different calculators, Spent Better simply computes everything and instantly displays the results in a convenient list so that your eyes can do the thinking.

How It Works

Spent Better will prompt you to enter a money value. Let's say you're thinking of adding some premium channels to your cable TV subscription, and it'll cost an extra $19.95 per month. Just enter 19.95, tap on "Monthly" and then tap on "Done".

Spent Better will then instantly show you what $19.95 per month can add up to.

What It Shows

Spent Better calculates everything you see below and displays them all in a second, automatically filtering-out any meaningless results.

The Retirement Calculator computes the value of a single or repeating investment by the time you reach retirement age.

The Investment Calculator shows you how much your money will have grown to after a few years in a fund that tracks the S&P 500.

The Savings Calculator shows you how much your money might have grown if put into a typical high-interest savings account.

For One-Time expenses, The Credit-Card Payoff Calculator predicts how much you'll pay back to your bank if you only made minimum payments each month.

The Car Financing Calculator takes your repeating investment and calculates how much you could finance if that was your monthly payment. 

For One-Time amounts, Spent Better will use the Time-To-Earn Calculator to figure out how long it would take you to earn that much money at your job. Tap on this result to customize it with your hourly salary and see the result updated instantly.

The Mortgage Calculator takes any repeating investment (click on the Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly button) and uses it to figure out the largest home loan you could finance with it.

Better yet, tap on this result and turn your phone sideways to get an instant Amortization Table:

Spent Better can also show amortization tables for Credit Card payoffs, plus Investment Schedules for the Retirement, Investment and Savings calculators.

Real World Comparisons*

Spent Better also helps you judge the value of money by comparing it to common, everyday purchases.

For One-Time amounts, the Time-of-Service Calculator gives you an idea of how many months of Internet Service or Newspaper Delivery you could pay for with the same money.

It can help you see what a repeating investment is worth in terms of simple luxuries and necessities, such as movie tickets and movie rentals per week, subway rides per week, cups of premium cappucino per day and so-on.

It can even show you how long a repeating investment would take to save up for big ticket items, such as a Home Theater system, new kitchen appliances, and home fitness equipment. Try entering what you pay for your gym membership to see how long it would take to save up for a top-rated treadmill!

Only Spent Better gives you all of this with no set-up or configuration necessary, just enter a number and let your eyes do the work.

For those cases where you do need to customize the results to fit your situation, all you have to do is tap on the result and you can adjust the way it computes the result. For example, tap on the "by Retirement" result and you'll see this:

Just tap on the controls to customize, and the re-calculated results will appear instantly. All of your customizations are saved and take effect immediately.

Spent Better is available in the iTunes App Store now for only $1.99 - The best two bucks you'll ever spend!

* Real-World comparisons are currently only available in the United States. But basic functionality (Retirement, Investment, Savings, Credit-Card Payoff, Car and Mortgage Financing calculators) is available in all countries and currencies supported by your iPhone or iPod Touch. We're working on getting these to work in more countries in future versions, but in a nutshell it's about the difference in currencies and local prices--which these particular calculators all depend on. IE: the price of a Value Meal ain't the same worldwide, and we're hard at work doing the research to make sure we've got it done properly. Stay tuned.